2014 Teaching Philosophy


I believe that education is the only treasure that can never be stolen and will always be the best asset of any individual. With this in mind, my role, as a teacher, is vital in each student’s learning. Since learning is a continuous process, I think that it is important to start by creating a SAFE space for my students. This includes my own acceptance to all students as a whole distinct individual instead of asking them to create a separate identity solely for school purposes by leaving all their personal baggage outside my class. Recognizing my students as a person will allow me not to see them as vessels that need to be filled but to perceive them as beings that have emotions, achievements, and complications. This will serve as a constant reminder that each student learns in multiple ways and that I have to be flexible in adjusting according to their ways of learning because intelligence is too abstract to draw. Learning is a daily dual process that brings improvement to both students and teachers by challenging what we perceive, celebrating improvements, and overcoming negativity.

I believe that instructions are flexible guidelines that create connections between the students and the lesson. It will be a multiple pattern of mosaic and I will continuously shuffle these patterns to create new pieces that will reach my student’s learning. By recognizing the students’ multiple ways of learning, it is also important to realize that each student has their own uniqueness and must be allowed to be free in expressing their knowledge in infinite ways. With this in mind, I have to be aware that there are also numerous ways of measuring the students’ learning and avoid using generalization because it can be biased.

Above all, I want to offer respect in the baseline of my instructions because it is vague enough to cover everything.  Respect will be the key to bring safety within the classroom that will help everyone to develop without limitations. I believe that everyone has their own potentials and it is my responsibility, as a teacher, to help them reach their full potentials. I will initiate the creation of special bond within the classroom to associate attaining knowledge with happiness so that students can feel comfortable and passionate about learning.  With this in mind, I have to openly share that teachers are not just authoritative figures but also a friend who will guide them with their life. As a result, I have to be aware about my preparation in class—that I have to always prepare a backup plan—but it is okay if the lecture did not end as how I wanted it to be. Likewise, I have to be mindful with my physical presentation, word choices, and interactions to try being conscious about the direct messages that I am giving them, as well as to problematize the hidden messages within. Nevertheless, I still have to keep an open space for mistakes, for both my students and I, because it will be a constant proof that we are both learning.


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