Letter of Introduction

My name is Aimee Castillo, and I am on my second year of undergraduate studies in the Secondary Education Program at the University of Regina. I am currently majoring in English and have a double minor in religious studies and social studies. With this in mind, my study interests include a variety of English literature, writing short stories and poetry, history, and religious education—extending into the field of art such as photography and drama. I also enjoy doing crafts and baking.

I was born and raised in Manila, Philippines for fifteen years before my family moved to Regina on 2010. From the journey, I brought the official bilingual languages of the Philippines which allow me to be fluent in both Filipino and English. Fluency in two languages has helped me a lot with the cultural transition, as well as to adapt to the Saskatchewan education system. I was immediately placed in Grade 10 classes at Archbishop M. C. O’Neill High School, where I had the opportunity to participate in several choral activities. I graduated with academic competency in the spring of 2012.

My learning journey as a teacher was more complex than how I thought it would be when I transferred into the faculty. Nonetheless, I take each class as a challenge that helps me to improve, not just in academics, but also in other fields beyond the lines of my comfort zone. I have developed a keen interest in leadership and volunteerism. I am the founder and president of one of the cultural student groups in our campus, the University of Regina Filipino Students’ Society, which has allowed me to participate in events that helped internationally. In addition, this gave me the opportunity to receive the UR Guarantee Leadership Award in March of 2014. Moreover, I am an active volunteer of the UR Ambassador Program and an annual volunteer for 5 Days for the Homeless. My other volunteer experiences include being an Education volunteer at UR International and a student tutor at Mother Teresa Middle School as part of Campion College’s Engaged Learning Program.

I am excited and anxious to learn, explore, and develop teaching skills and classroom management with you and your class during my field placement. I deeply appreciate your investment of sharing your time, guidance, and support, while taking the risk to allow aspiring teachers like me to be part of your class this semester. I will try my best to reciprocate by helping the students in their own exploration of learning. I look forward to personally meeting you and your students. Once again, I would like to thank you for sharing this opportunity with me.

Best Regards,

Aimee Castillo


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