Growth Plan

Conscious knowledge

~WE ARE ALL TREATY PEOPLE and we agreed to SHARE the Land

~teaching is a continuous process of learning

~mistakes are proof that we are improving

~it is acceptable not to know everything but we have to find ways to seek for knowledge

~technology can be efficient when used properly

~we should NOT ask our students to leave their personal baggage outside the class and create a separate identity for “in-school purposes only”.

~lessons must be differentiated to reach all the levels of knowledge within the class

Challenge to Myself

~have effective time and classroom management for the lessons

~prepare differentiated and engaging lessons

~reach out to all the students’ learning comfort

Future learning goals

~learn Treaty Education and how to interdisciplinary integrate them with my lessons

~learn more variety of classroom management strategies

~learn how to develop an effective adaptive learning strategies in classrooms

~learn more about religion and cultural uniqueness

~learn more about assessment, evaluation, and giving feedback


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