Field Targets

Handling Students’ Attention

  • Memorizing Students’ Names
    • Did I called students with their names?
    • Did I mostly called students  on one side of the room?
    • Did I mostly address students as class or individually (usually random call)
  • Set and Closure
    • Did students follow the first half of the set?
    • Did the students mostly turned to their right or left (right if they read the poem; left if they have never before it.
    • Did the students participated when I asked them?

Building Class Relationships

  • Do I know my students or do keep asking the general class?
  • How do I address my students? Formal? Informal?
  • How many times did I address the whole class by saying “guys”?

Non-Verbal communications

  • What facial expression am I making?
  • Describe my movement throughout the class.
  • How did my gestures affect my teaching?
  • Do I have mannerisms while teaching?
  • How much eye contact am I making?
  • Am I giving enough amount of pauses for allow students?

Giving directions

  • How do I secure students’ attention?
  • Do I wait for students to listen before I begin?
  • What kind of signals am I giving through voice and body language to get students’ attention?
  • Am I giving clear directions?
  • Do I use board or handouts?
  • Am i giving the right amount of time?
  • Do I follow up how much time is remaining?
  • How do I check-up students’ knowledge and engagement?
  • Do I keep students on task?
  • Do I have a follow up activity for students who finish early?

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