Leadership and Outreach

  • Junior Ambassador Program Recognition (April 9th, 2015)
  • Relay for Life 2015 (March 20th-21st| 7pm to 7am)
  • 5 Days for Homeless 2015 (March 15th to 20th)
  • UR International Night 2015 (March 11th | 4pm to 8:30pm)
  • Relay for Life Dollar Bake Sale (March 18th, 2015)
  • Campion Social (March 4th, 2015)

UR International Education Volunteer (October 1st to December 3rd, 2014)

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  • Conversation One-on-One (1:30pm to 4:00pm)

      In conversation one-on-one, the students have to book an appointment with me, wherein we will have a conversation for half an hour. The students will either prefer any topics (like casual conversation) or have a specific topic and/or set of questions before coming to the appointment. My role as an education volunteer is to share my knowledge and experiences to answer their questions. In addition, I would also generate questions and thoughts to think throughout the conversation. There are times when I have to give personal advice to the students but it is also my responsibility to direct them to someone and/or to offices who have more credibility in providing advice. Above all, my main role in conversation one-on-one is to help the students to practice their fluency in English language (explain new words and notice grammatical errors) and develop confidence in communicating with other. 

  • Conversation Club (4:00pm to 5:30pm)

        Conversation club shadows the notions from conversation one-on-one; however, the difference is that it accommodates more students within the workshop—and they do not have to book any appointment or stay [for and] throughout the workshop. Conversation club has daily different topics—ranging from happiness, to piñata workshop, and eye care. It provides a safe space for students to learn Canadian lifestyles, as well as to share the cultural differences and similarities that they can notice. Moreover, it offers a space for students to enhance their confidence not just with oral communication but also improve their social skills. In fact, many students developed friendship within the workshop.


Filipino Cultural Week (October 27-31st, 2014)

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Filipino Cultural Week was a week-long event showcasing and sharing Filipino culture with the rest of the students, staffs, and faculty members of the University of Regina. The week was filled with fun and knowledge by having presentations (about Philippine facts, histories, lifestyle, food, language, etc.) and food, including light Filipino snacks as well as fresh fruits and drinks sponsored by URSU and UR International. I was lucky to co-organize the events as well as to deliver the presentations throughout the week. 

UR Relay for Life (March 28th, 2014)

UR Relay Volunteer

“The Relay for Life is an inspirational, non-competitive, 12-hour overnight fundraising event that brings you and your community together to celebrate life and fight cancer. The event takes place from 7:00pm to 7:00am at the university and we are looking for teams and volunteers. Teams can range from 5-10 members and it is a way for your student society to give back to the community. It is a lot of fun and there are many activities taking place throughout the whole night”

Typhoon Haiyan Relief and Donation Collection Events

  • University of Regina Choirs Concert Collaboration


URFSS ended the Typhoon Haiyan Reliefs by collaborating with Dr. Dominic Gregorio, University of Regina Director of Choral Activities, on their concert which was held on November 30th, 2013 in Knox Metropolitan Church. The event gathered $1,070.05 which is given to the UNICEF.


  • Campus Box Collections


URFSS was ratified on September 18th, 2013. Our group just finished creating our constitution and by-laws and was just about to introduce who we are, when the Philippines was devastated by the Super Typhoon Haiyan. As a result, our board of directors came up with a plan to set donation boxes in different places on our campus: at UR International Office, at Gabriel Dumont Library, at Campion College, and at UR Guarantee Office. After a week, we collected more than 15 boxes. With the help of our directors, members, and our university staffs, the boxes were properly repacked and were immediately shipped to the Philippines.

  • Disaster Relief Lunch in Collaboration with Campion College and Luther College


Campion College Ministry and Luther Chaplaincy collaborated to make a lunch relief program on November 15th, 2013. The lunch was held in the Luther College Student Lounge from 11am to 1pm. Hot soups and a bun was served in exchange of any donation amount. The lunch relief was a success, collecting $2124.30. The collected donations are given to the Lutheran World Relief and Canadian Jesuits International who both have already sent representatives to the Philippines to help with the restoration of the affected areas.

Mother Teresa Middle School Student Tutor (Campion College Engaged Learning Program) (October 1st to 31st, 2013)

mother teresa

“Mother Teresa Middle School (MTMS) provides an enhanced, holistic, middle school education to Regina’s vulnerable inner city youth.  The school helps break the cycle of poverty amongst its target families through the use of a unique framework and best practices from extended time schools in the U.S.A.  MTMS serves highly motivated, economically disadvantaged, grade 6 – 8 students whose potential for success has been compromised by social and economic factors affecting them and their families.  MTMS delivers the Government of Saskatchewan middle year’s curriculum permeated by the Catholic faith and enriched by extended school time, small class and school size, transitional supports and by an innovative, extensive middle year’s program.”

From October 1st to 31st, 2013, I was able to participate in volunteering for the Mother Teresa Middle School. Every Tuesdays and Thursdays of the month, I spent my morning spare time in volunteering few hours before I attend my classes in the university. There, I was exposed to a whole new perspective in seeing schools. They offer a “total care” towards their students and a high respectful relationship is being shared between the staffs and the students.

I usually arrived early at the school so I was able to help them prepare the breakfast for the students, read with them, and have a few conversations before I help in organizing the math help words that we post in the wall of their multi-purpose hall. These math words help the students to enhance their vocabulary and knowledge that can be used in their daily-life. On the latter part of my volunteer experience, I was able to teach some tips and tricks to the grade eight students to help them enhance their multiplication skills.
I was very grateful that I was able to share my knowledge to them–especially that they mentioned that what I have taught them was very useful and have helped them a lot in their multiplication table. As a result, it highly encouraged me to go back and volunteer after my required volunteer hours for the Engage Learning Program, if I was not restricted by my schedule for doing my papers. Nonetheless, it was a great and very meaningful volunteer experience.

UR Ambassador (March 21st, 2013 – present)

orientation 2013


On March 21st, 2013, I officially became an ambassador under the University of Regina Guarantee Program.
I was already able to volunteer for numerous hours in a variety of events held by the University of Regina (Open House, Orientation Day, Welcome Week, etc.) few months after I became a junior ambassador.
I am very grateful for being part of this leadership program because it enhances my socializing skills. Also, I learn something new every time I volunteer rather than just being in the event as a volunteer. With my continuous participation as an ambassador, I will be able to help accomplish more events held by the UofR and meet new people while I enhance my skills

5 Days for Homeless 

Riddell 5 days homeless

“5 Days for Homeless is a nationwide campaign for 27 universities across Canada, who picks students from their school and sleep outside for five days and five nights”.
-Business Student Society

On the middle of winter semestre 2013, I was able to volunteer in this worthy event by spending my spare time in collecting any amount of monetary donations at a variety of donation tables in the University of Regina. We have collected $22, 418.10, which were given to the Carmichael Outreach.
This event is very memorable to me because this is my first time to come out of my shell and stand for my desire to volunteer. I have always wanted to volunteer but I always avert myself just because I am very timid to socialize with a large crowd. Nonetheless, my desire to help people–especially those who are in high needs–has eventually surpassed my timidness. Also, this volunteer experience had been the bridge for me to allow myself in participating in further volunteer experiences. This lead the way for me to become a junior ambassador of the University of Regina Guarantee Program. Being a volunteer to this good cause eventually became an annual participation for me.


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