My name is Aimee Francisco Castillo.

Fun fact: In my birth country, our middle names are our mother’s pre-marriage last name–so it’s like having two last names; individuals are allowed to have more than one first name and it still counts as their first name and not as their middle (i.e. Judy Anne Marie).

I am on my 3rd year of undergraduate studies at the University of Regina under Secondary Education Program. I am majoring in English and have a double minor in Religious Studies and Social Studies. With this in mind, my study interests include a variety of English literature, histories, and religious education–extending in the field of Arts such as photography and drama. I am passionate with fashion and also enjoys baking, making crafts, and traveling.

I have a six-year old younger brother and an older sister, who’s currently on her senior year in Business Administration. We were born and raised in the big and busy cities of Metro Manila, Philippines. However, my family immigrated to Canada on the 18th of February 2010. From the journey, I brought the official bilingual languages of the Philippines which allowed me to be fluent in both Filipino and English. Fluency in bilingual language helped me a lot with the cultural transition, as well as to adapt in Saskatchewan Education System; I was placed in grade 10 trial classes, which started on March 8th (2 weeks after our arrival in Canada), and showed competency and academic excellence until the end of the semester. The following semester, I was advanced into Grade 11 classes and maintained class distinctions until I graduated on the spring of 2012 with high grades and scholarships. 

I started my university journey on the fall of 2012 under the Faculty of Social Work. However, despite of having successful classes, I failed to find my passion in the field area and transferred into the Faculty of Education–where I found my real passion: teaching and learning. I would be honest to say that my learning journey as a becoming teacher was more complex than what I initially thought when I applied for it. Nonetheless, each class helps me to improve, not just in academics, but also continuously learn something new about myself.

I will be using this blog to post my responses to several topics that I encounter along my journey as a becoming teacher, as well as samples of work and my students’ works. My blog will always be under reconstruction as a reflection of  my continuous growth and learning. I hope to find connection as I express my views in different subject matters in the future. Enjoy your visit.

-Aimee C.


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