Week 7 Reflection: Details Matters

Floral Beadwork

I had the chance to come back to the class on Wednesday of Week 6 to fill my missed class when I was sick. I asked the students to create their patterns last class and finish them by today, Wednesday, March 25th, 2015. I arrived in school later than I planned and organized my materials as soon as I can. I start the class by asking them to put their patterns on their table. I shared two weaving techniques that we can use for their beadworks then preceded with material collection and the activity. My co-op teacher gave us the time until the end of school hours to work on beading. The students were really engaged with the activity and some of them even decided to stay in for recess just to work on their beadwork. Overall, my co-op teacher gave positive comments about the lesson.

What will I change? I think that I have a number of changes to make with this class if I will teach it again in the future. First, I want to have a better instruction for the samples of weaving technique. I will advise to use a knitting thread and bigger beads to show each weaving technique. In that case, the students will have a realistic visual of how to stich their beads. Second, I will have a better detailed outline and instruction for options of their beadwork—students may choose to do their beadwork with or without felt. I will also provide printed copies for them. Lastly, I will prepare a better close for the topic.

This week, I learned how simple details could help a lot with classroom management. I also learned how much respect and value my students are giving me and I feel really grateful that I was assigned to the class. Each week is a proof of my passion with teaching and at the same time, learning with them. You know those emotional moments when you realize you’re finally on the right path of your life? This is one of those moments, when I start to think deeply and realize I am right where I wanted to be and I’m ready to face more challenges to love this path even more. This is one of my shortest reflection but I hope you enjoyed reading it.

-Aimee C.


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