Week 4: Tricks and Limericks

Tricks and Limericks

This is the fourth week of our field but I missed teaching last week’s field—because I have flu and I don’t want them to catch it—so this is technically my third week. I wanted to teach chromatography and anything in Art Education or Science but I was informed that the class schedule changed so I’m not sure when and what to teach; all I know is that my partner will teach an outdoor PhysEd class. As a result, I decided to plan a 30-minute English lesson instead. Since St. Patrick’s Day is approaching quickly, I created a lesson about writing limericks—which is according to legends, limericks came from Ireland and that’s why we often hear them around the season of St. Patrick’s Day.

From previous field observations, I recognized how my grade 7/8s are easily distracted by anything—they didn’t hear the instruction from the front, a seatmate starting a chat, gadgets, etc. Hence, I set my focus this week in giving clear directions. While setting up, I asked them to grab some golden chocolate coins; no maximum but they have to pick at least one coin. I started the brief lesson after setting up my visuals. I taught what limericks are and use an example. Then, I asked two volunteers to distribute my handouts and waited until everyone has one before giving further instructions. I explained the purpose of each before they started writing their own limericks. I gave them 10 minutes, reminded them in 5 minutes and gave them additional two minutes to finish their writing. I walked a lot around the class this week to check each table about their writing. I also helped individuals with some ideas on how to write their own poems. At the end of the class, we wrap up with the usual write a comment, suggestion, or question about today’s class but not on index card this week.

Overall, I think that the class went well. I had some students who volunteered to share their written poems and I was able to wrap up the class properly. To add a little twist, I asked them to write how many golden chocolate coins they had and write same number of facts about them. They really enjoyed this trick and it was reflected on their exit slips. In addition, they gave me some suggestions on what they wanted to learn next week so I’ll consider those. My timing was also better this week than last week. I guess the clock helped a lot—last week it was broken and I kept forgetting that it was.

Nevertheless, I don’t think that my lesson was perfect. I have some notes that the golden coins somehow distracted them at the beginning but that sort of was the plan while I was setting up. However, I would give more elaborate instruction if I will use this next time—please don’t play with your coins yet and yes, you can keep your chocolates and eat them as soon as recess starts. Due to time management, I think that I rushed a little when I was explaining the sample of the limericks. I received questions about the pattern AABBA and I think that they would understand it better if I gave a more explicit and detailed explanation about it. I would also prepare further instruction and activity for those who finished earlier than the rest of the class. I am planning to have a simulation about water filtration for next week and I’ll surely use what I learned this week while I am working on my lesson plan for next week.

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