February 24th: Management in Progress

For this week, I decided to reflect on Option A—which is reading blog posts about classroom rules and Classroom Dojo. I mostly relate to the first blog, which is about classroom rules, because I used to tell myself that respect is too vague that it can cover everything. In fact, it was on the first teaching philosophy that created when I was on my first year in Education. However, after reading the blog post, I realized that its point was more realistic. Many people will break the rules because there are no fine lines of what are acceptable and not, after all, they are not concrete rules but rather just values. Now, I know that it is important to really set clear and specific rules that the class has to follow. I remember last class that we discussed this in classroom management. I thought the number 1 chart was the perfect classroom management. Instead, they are preventative rules.

The other blog post about Classroom Dojo is also interesting. The application has a good purpose and cute avatars. On the other side, I think that higher-grade levels, especially secondary classes, will not appreciate this as much as lower-grade level classes. Another downfall of this application is the possibility that it can also be a classroom distraction instead. Students are unique and they can perceive this differently. It may help some students but it can also distract them. Lastly, I am disappointed that the blog also mentioned about shaming students because I believe that teachers should not humiliate their students in any way, shape, or form.

After these blog posts, for some reason, my mind decided to associate classroom management with formal rules. I totally forgot that classroom management can be more flexible than that. I will admit that my classroom management is still developing. I am open for changes but there are some things that are hard for me to change—like accepting the use of humiliation as classroom management.


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